Quote:“Paid off all my accounts last night and woke up to all my personal accounts cancelled. Amex said it was solely because of the closed blue card (was closed with everyone else a couple weeks ago or so).

Rep said the policy of Amex is “if 1 card is shut down, we will shut down all you other cards”, which hasn’t been true in the past, from what I understand.

Anybody else get similar action?”

较新的OBC应该都加了50k的cap,即使是这样,也不建议最近顶风作案。老的一批OBC有人加了cap有人还没。估计sooner or later大家都会加上。至于加了以后会不会再因为撸毛关卡就说不准了,被满门抄斩了很蛋疼,尤其如果你的MR账户里有很多积分。

我个人觉得买GC完全没有问题,Amex也没有权利阻止你。之前Amex没有cap是他们自己的问题,关卡其实是挺幼稚的行为。当然地主说啥就是啥,你去告它也没用。从credit issuer的角度来讲,fraud是个很宽泛的概念,他怀疑你就可以suspend你。想不被关卡最好的方法就是mild use,然后从大量关卡和没被关的case里面找大致规律。


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